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It was a year of self-healing and learning. There were new programs launched at IADLife and we had a new set of clientele from diverse backgrounds. The highlight of that was ‘the gratitude’, vision board making, de-cluttering, workshop for corporates – online workshops.

I spoke about the #meToo movement.

I have always been of opinion that everyone deserves healing and that healing can expedite when ‘all’ come together.

‘Hurt people hurt people’, so in this sensitive environment of pain and blame, channelizing of healing becomes selective. This will only bring healing to some, while the other people instead of receiving/taking healing may find another means to hurt by not getting caught. And because of that, the hurt might continue. Bullies and abusers of all age groups and genders need to be attended too to understand and heal the underlying causative reason for the hurt.

My understanding of the guidance from a higher source is getting clearer. I am in a place to take actions and argue less on them, ‘but….I thought/I want…’ has reduced. I move forward with faith and excitement.

Being responsible for my actions and the life experiences I have attracted were yet another courageous realisation that gives me a new power to solve and come to the ‘why’s’ of the life.

All this is making me a better and better life coach and also gives me the space to explore the creative geniusness within me.

What other growth and prosperity did I see? I am less nervous about my future and my life status. I tell myself that it counts. But the desires are very clear to me. I continue to ask for guidance on how to manifest them. This gives me the motivation to get up in the morning, keep going, moving forward, complete the pending ideas and have the courage to embrace bigger and better opportunities and set an intention of receiving bigger and better returns.

It is great to stay in touch, so keep writing to me at [email protected]. Let’s keep creating something fun for all of us.

Thank you and wish you a very happy and fun 2019.
What do you say when someone wishes you?
Just say ‘Thank you for the affirmation.’
Reena Yadav.

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Earlier Message

This is the question I have been asking myself since last one and half months. Last year I had mentioned that I have just started to swim to the surface.

Well, the whole year was full of learning and understanding. This is a job where there is no dearth of internal revelations that add to the self-growth. Willingness to change has been the key. Mainly because once the intention was set to bring joy to billions of people all over the planet through IADLife services and products, the Universe started to prepare both me and IADLife toward that. Level of self-preparation required was something I had not fathomed.

The year that was, thus gave me the training in every way to understand and de-layer my subject that enhances my confidence to cater to any and every person for any and every life situations. I learned about keeping an eye on the vibrations and being grateful for what I already have. I learned that along with vibration and gratitude the only other key factors to getting work done are actions and words.

One of my revelations about me was that of me being a person who had been waiting. Waiting for something to happen and I had held a lot of other entities responsible for bringing to me for what I was waiting. Interestingly, A. I was unclear about what was I waiting for, the direction of my choosing and thrive. B. because of the long wait the vibrations lowered so whatever came my way was not a vibration raising outcome. A catch 22 situation, I had created for myself. The way out of this whirlpool of the pattern was the realisation that I need to step up and look at all that I have already achieved.

Every idea is a good one. Every step taken is a step forward. Provided the idea is implemented and the step is taken. Resources that are there in my space are adequate for now and I am to be open and welcoming to the resources that start to pour in soon after.

I have always believed in technological advancement. Every technology and social networking site, I know of, was explored and we expanded our network. I am very certain that there are many more that we can explore.
IADLife products and services have been made available through these social networking sites and in ways that are most convenient to the IADLife clients.

Many of my revelations and learning came through self-introspection of my life experiences and from interaction with the IADLife clientele about their life situations. These were written in the form of IADLife chapters and shared through the social networking sites.

IADLife and I are constantly looking for ways to share with as many people as we can reach, across the globe. We sincerely believe this will be of use to them in some important way.

This past year I have been more comfortable and accepting of my physical self than I have ever been. The calmness that I feel in my forehead is what tells me of my level of comfort, when I am thinking of myself as an amputee or when I receive the look or the behaviour from some other person.

My job profile is shaping me into promoting me to take a step rather than stopping myself. Me standing by myself is regardless to what happens next. Always keeping myself and all associated peacefully protected and affirming to attract what is beneficial, is what I do. My way of functioning is that before every step even if it is a mail or a phone call reply, I affirm it has a result for the greatest and highest good for everyone involved and that there is a magnificent outcome.

From me to IADLife, I am happy, grateful, thankful and blessed to have a job at IADLife, as Life Coach, Writer, Researcher, and Proprietrix. I pray, have faith and affirm that things will only keep getting better and better day by day and every way. I affirm that we create all that will align with the intention set by IADLife. We will continue to share with the world what we have learned and created in the coming year that includes book publishing and online courses.

I am a big proponent of blessings and prayers, so my kind request is that you please shower us with your high vibrational ones.

If last year I thought I was clear this year I am clearer. I can predict what is in store next, more clarity. I believe learning happens in three stages understanding, acknowledging, and implementing. With every stage, the clarity is more.

Now I understand and acknowledge that I have been on the surface, and I am supposed to stop waiting and begin my swim toward the direction of my choosing. So, that is what I am doing.

Reena Yadav

Life Coach

Writer, Researcher, and Proprietrix – IADLife

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Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the motivating and encouraging blessings, wishes, messages and affirmations.

Pavithra Arun Kumar “Congrats! On the fifth year like I always say there is still more to come in not just your IADL journey but also in your life. Way to go! Don’t just hit the surface hope you fly float and then fly as well. Good Luck !for more and most.

Always there to support you and IADL. I relish life more than I used to ..and Its my duty to be great full for that. Or else also we are friends and will always be”

Madhuri Anand “Hearty Congratulations Reena! A beautiful write up about your self learning, understanding, growth, success, commitment, and IADL. Wishing you a great and a fulfilling life. Take care and may the Divine blessings always be showered upon you!”
Mallika Nagarajan “Great creative work in the card(your own, I noted too). Thank you. All the Best. Hiiii Team, To mark the Special Timeline, on this day, invoking the Guru(as associated with Learning & Guidance (much more for sure) I offered Thank You prayers for Team & IADLife group with Kheer. Keep Growing, all. Thank you thank you thank you”
Mallika Nagarajan “Great creative work in the card(your own, I noted too). Thank you. All the Best. Hiiii Team, To mark the Special Timeline, on this day, invoking the Guru(as associated with Learning & Guidance (much more for sure) I offered Thank You prayers for Team & IADLife group with Kheer. Keep Growing, all. Thank you thank you thank you”
Vijayshree Achar “Hi Reena I whole heartedly wish you and IADLife a happy anniversary. I am very greatful to you and IADLife. All the best.”
Raji Divakar “Reena, All the best for IADLife and you.”
Manasha “Congratulations and all the very best Reena.”
Mohana Iyer “Happy Happy Anniversary and many many years of thoughtfuland fruitful guidance from you and IAD Life, dear Reena. Learning on being positive and motivating comes from you dear Reena.”
Lakshmi Ashwin “Amazing Reena! I have seen you grow and help others grow including myself. Each and every thing you have written are the secrets for growth. I am Glad that along with IADLife, our friendship and compassion for each other have grown! May the growth continue, touching more and more lives on our planet! Thank you for sharing your powerful story and valuable lessons from it.”
Jhansi “Hello Reena , congratulations for the 5 successful years of IADLife . I met you very recently few months back . I see how you are changing peoples life and making them better people with simple techniques . I am looking forward for more learnings from you . I wish you and IADLife all the very best to continue with these kind of good works.”
Anjali Rangadham “Congratulations Reena on your 5 years. Looking forward to a lot more lessons and teachings from IADLife and you. Carry on with the fantastic work you do… many wishes forward. IADLife set me on my first step towards my spiritual journey inwards. Very grateful to you and IADLife.”
Usha Ramchandran “Congratulations Reena. Our whole families support and prayers are always with you.”
Rashmi Harish “Many many congratulations Reena and IADLIFE for all the work, support, guidance and love. Happy anniversary Reena. You are one of these who have changed my life for better and I am truly grateful for all the love you have given me ❤ Thank you so much.”
Suparna Kapoor “Congratulations…keep growing & helping others to grow too.”
Aparna ‘Congratulations on your success and wishes for a prosperous future.’
Sharda Batra, ‘May you be blessed with shubh pratishitha and may you continue to infuse power and wisdom in your students. Aayatanvaan bhavati (Aayatanvaan ..may you b established and abide in your highest Self)

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