“Having a Healthy, Happy and Healed Life Is your Right.

Finding, getting, and receiving the right healer and healing processes is
greatest HONOR and PRIVILEGE.

It is not just a huge relief, it is a JACKPOT.

You deserve a healthy, happy and healed life.

You need not do this on your own. You need NOT heal alone.

Be willing to take help and support.”

-Reena Yadav, IADLife

Important points you need to know about counselling.


# Counselling conversations take place over the phone or web cam.

# Information on/about the counsellors is your right. You can choose to get clarification before booking.

# Counselling is always on pre-booking and first booked first serve basis.
Always go for pre-booking. It is a way for you to feel motivated to turn up for the session(s). It is like booking a tutorial course or your regular school fees payments. That commitment suggests that you will turn up for the sessions. 

# Counselling schedule is fixed based on mutually convenient time/date/arrangement of both Counsellor and Client.

# Impromptu sessions where the discussion gets converted into a session is entirely up to the client and the counsellor. This does happen. Costing may vary.

# The session time/day/date can be moved on prior request, 24 hours in advance. In case of urgencies, request the counselor, see what can be done.

# Once booked the sessions cannot be cancelled. Session can be transferred to someone else.    

# Cost of the session has to be transferred to the IADLife bank account through netbanking, Paypal, or though UPI ID. Details of which will be shared after the confirmation. 

# Some counsellors charge for the discussions. So please be mindful of being clear about the costing involved. Some counsellors give the discussions as complementary if it gets converted into sessions. 


 Takes place before the session is booked. 
Clients need to share their brief history of the life and the kind of solution they looking for.
Discussions extends to 20 mins maximum. 
Counsellor shares an outline on the strategy that will be used. 

the session is booked.

Extends to 1 hour approximately.
Keep your water and writing materials.

Be on time. The time has been fixed only for you. If you don’t turn up you deprive yourself and others to utilise that timing.
If you wish to extend the session into the second session it can be requested. Counsellors will comply according to their calendar availability.
Do not be in a hurry to get into the next schedule after the session. Be willing to wait and go through the points and if possible get the points clarified or make a note for the next time.
Please remember to ask for follow up steps, mode of contact for clarification or questions, 

Before you book for the session be ready to answer the following question:

1) What area(s) do you need help?
2) How soon do you want us to fix you the session?
3) Who is the session for?
4) Is there a cost range that you have in mind for the sessions?*
5) Are you particular about the location where the counsellor is based?*

* Cost, time invested and transportation are important. However, it is a kind request that you ask and go for the counsellor best for you.

These are brief description created by Reena Yadav from IADLife. This information is enough to get you started. 

This field has vast and plethora of information that can be attained from other sources.

Counselling – Life Coaching

Counselling using Angel Therapy

 Counselling using EFT

Counselling using Mirror Work


Counselling and healing using Pranic Healing (Available)
Pranic Healing Training(As soon as we resume onsite interactions.)

Amputee/Amputation Counselling
Handicapped Counselling
Disabled/Disability Counselling

Relaxation techniques

Counselling to heal Depression

Counselling to lower and heal Anxiety

Counselling to lower and heal Stress & Anger

Relationship Counselling

Counselling for Personality development

Counselling Services For Corporate Employees

Counselling Services For Individuals

Counselling For Families

 Counselling Services For/With Friends

Counselling Services For/With Relatives

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